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How Is The First Consultation With Your Cosmetic Surgeon?

Any act of cosmetic surgery can only be performed by a cosmetic surgeon qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with the council of the medical order. You have on the website of the council of the order of physicians all the means to check whether the doctor you have consulted has this qualification. It is your duty to verify this. From a legal point of view, the penalties are very heavy if a non-specialist surgeon ventures to perform cosmetic surgery without having the qualification. He is also not covered by his professional insurance.

In addition, any act of cosmetic surgery can today only be performed in a care establishment (clinic or hospital) to the standards established by the high health authorities. Each establishment submits any new surgeon to present himself to the established medical council before being able to practice his art. This medical council validates the diplomas, the reputation and the notoriety of the practitioner. It is an additional control for the performance of acts of cosmetic surgery in the rules of the art. Finally, in the operating room, the administrative manager checks and validates all the medical and paramedical diplomas of all the people present in the operating room. Whether cosmetic surgeons, but also all nursing staff who must be qualified.

The Deadlines For Obtaining A Consultation Appointment

On average, the wait time for a cosmetic surgery consultation appointment is usually one to two weeks. For cosmetic surgery, the waiting time varies from two to four weeks. These deadlines are given as an indication and may vary from time to time depending on the different periods of the year.

It should be noted that the legal minimum period between consultation and surgery is 14 days. This is to respect the legal reflection period. In any case, remember that thinking about a cosmetic surgery intervention is essential and that you should never rush. There is never an emergency in cosmetic surgery. This is the best guarantee of the success of an intervention.…