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How Is The First Consultation With Your Cosmetic Surgeon?

Any act of cosmetic surgery can only be performed by a cosmetic surgeon qualified in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with the council of the medical order. You have on the website of the council of the order of physicians all the means to check whether the doctor you have consulted has this qualification. It is your duty to verify this. From a legal point of view, the penalties are very heavy if a non-specialist surgeon ventures to perform cosmetic surgery without having the qualification. He is also not covered by his professional insurance.

In addition, any act of cosmetic surgery can today only be performed in a care establishment (clinic or hospital) to the standards established by the high health authorities. Each establishment submits any new surgeon to present himself to the established medical council before being able to practice his art. This medical council validates the diplomas, the reputation and the notoriety of the practitioner. It is an additional control for the performance of acts of cosmetic surgery in the rules of the art. Finally, in the operating room, the administrative manager checks and validates all the medical and paramedical diplomas of all the people present in the operating room. Whether cosmetic surgeons, but also all nursing staff who must be qualified.

The Deadlines For Obtaining A Consultation Appointment

On average, the wait time for a cosmetic surgery consultation appointment is usually one to two weeks. For cosmetic surgery, the waiting time varies from two to four weeks. These deadlines are given as an indication and may vary from time to time depending on the different periods of the year.

It should be noted that the legal minimum period between consultation and surgery is 14 days. This is to respect the legal reflection period. In any case, remember that thinking about a cosmetic surgery intervention is essential and that you should never rush. There is never an emergency in cosmetic surgery. This is the best guarantee of the success of an intervention.…

Advice Before Cosmetic Surgery: Preoperative Surgical Consultation

In order for your cosmetic surgery to take place in the best possible conditions and to give the best possible chances for healthy healing and rapid convalescence, it is recommended, and even imperative in certain cases, to follow the advice before cosmetic surgery.

The Advice Before Cosmetic Surgery:

    • Do not consume alcohol in the three weeks preceding your procedure. Drinking alcoholic beverages can greatly increase the risk of infection and bleeding. It also delays the healing process.
    • Stop smoking one month before your cosmetic or plastic surgery. The consumption of tobacco is also a factor in slowing down healing.
    • Consume a lot of foods rich in vitamin A and C because they help your body to strengthen itself and will also help it during the convalescence period. In some cases, your surgeon may prescribe vitamin and iron tablets in addition to those contained in your diet.
    • Do not take any medicine containing aspirin and ibuprofen. Anticoagulants and certain anti-inflammatory drugs to treat osteoarthritis should also be prescribed two weeks before. In any case, ask your cosmetic surgeon for advice.
    • Avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, white bread or sweets two weeks before your procedure. Lowering animal protein and sodium can also help your body have less bruising and aid in faster healing.
    • Three days before your operation, wash the area to be operated on daily with neutral soap.
    • In the case of breast surgery or arm surgery, avoid shaving your armpits a few days before so as not to increase the risk of infection in the scars that will be placed at this level.
    • Do not eat anything on the day of the operation. This detail is important if the day of the intervention corresponds to the day of your arrival in Seattle.
    • Avoid beauty products such as creams, make-up or deodorant on the day of the procedure.
  • In the case of an outing the same day, plan a person with you to accompany you. It would also be interesting to provide sunglasses, a scarf and a hat for procedures related to facial surgery.

Under What Circumstances Should We Consult A Plastic Surgeon?

Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery is by no means a trivial decision. It requires careful thought, which is facilitated by the advice and recommendations of a true specialist. Plastic surgery encompasses both repair and reconstruction. However, it is essentially the improvement of the physiognomy which constitutes the main source of attraction of this medical discipline nevertheless subjected to the same ethical requirements as the others. Each person, therefore, has their own motivations and wishes to explain certain points, in particular, to definitively make their choice. Many people suffering from complexes or wishing to improve part of their body do not always dare to go so far as to at the end of their process, it is necessary to find an adequate interlocutor and expert in surgery. Being able to contact a cosmetic surgeon directly online is a real opportunity.

Online Cosmetic Surgeon / Physical Surgeon: Separate Goals

Of course, the purpose of an online plastic surgeon is not the same as that of a physical surgeon. The online physician will be consulted first and foremost to answer common questions for one simple reason: they cannot perform a physical examination of the patient. His skills will nevertheless allow him to provide valuable information such as knowing what is the most appropriate operation for a person, what are the surgical techniques and existing procedures. The purpose of an online consultation is threefold. First of all, it is a question of obtaining an orientation that is best suited to one’s personal situation. It also allows you to come into direct contact with a physical cosmetic surgeon after having received all the answers to his most varied questions. Finally, a decisive element in making the final decision, it will be possible to learn more about the different price ranges for the multiple possible transactions.

Reasons To Consult A Surgeon Online Rather Than Physical

Using the expertise of an online surgeon responds to obvious needs. The first of these is to provide expert insight into the thinking process. Thanks to the information provided by the practitioner online, it will be possible to better know whether making an appointment for a consultation and carrying out examinations are imperative or not. Another advantage of seeing a doctor directly online is simply to be reassured by someone who knows their subject better than anyone else. Indeed, the medical forums that it is possible to consult on the Internet very often offer anxiety-provoking content and often without justification or valid technical argument and which can constitute a significant obstacle to the process of each one. Another benefit of the online consultation is to be able to benefit from a second medical opinion. For those living in medicalised areas, it is also a relevant solution as for those who do not necessarily have the time to go to a doctor, consulting a specialist online will save precious time.

For Each Type Of Procedure, A Specialist Doctor

There are many different acts of plastic surgery that can be performed. If the ultimate goal is, of course, to correct aesthetic defects and to help you feel better about yourself and your body, the procedures and techniques differ depending on the field concerned and the nature of the effect to be obtained. It can be a real surgical act, like liposuction, rhinoplasty, implant placement or breast reduction, or a lighter intervention such as injection of Botox or hyaluronic acid.